Vinh shows what excellent results can come by active listening and meeting his clients where they are at with patience and understanding. His conflict resolution and management skills help clients come to forward-thinking solutions and respectful decisions for all parties involved. He has this incredible ability to bring light and laughter, when appropriate, to tough situations and handles them with grace, humility, and resilience.
- Emily, MSW

Vinh cares deeply about doing the right thing. With his clients and colleagues, Vinh can utilize the appropriate social terms to describe sensitive subject matters. Vinh works from a conflict resolution perspective and brings his insight in racial equity and inclusion. Ever compassionate, Vinh seeks to resolve conflict in ways that are respectful but direct leading to resolve outstanding issues. Vinh’s ability to reduce the inflection point allows the passionate parties to hear one another more clearly and bring resolution to the contentious situation.
Sherelle, MBA and OD Consultant

I have learned a lot from working with Vinh and I'm continually impressed and inspired by his knowledge of conflict resolution and organizational development. Vinh excels at the intersection of these two bodies of work and uses deep compassion, intuitiveness, critical thinking, and a sense of humor to lead teams and individuals to resolutions. Vinh also brings a keen awareness of how race and inclusion work needs to be incorporated into all conflict resolution and organizational development work to create stronger relationships and a more just world.
- Cara, Coalition Builder