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Change Works

Brave Change Works (BCW) combines conflict resolution and organizational
development by

- Giving a safe voice to conflicts hidden in change efforts

- Providing data to understand how the parts in conflict are connected

- Valuing strengths of all races, cultures, identities, and communities


If you are challenged by

  • harsh words, hard feelings

  • deep hurt, damaged relationships

BCW offers:

  • one-on-one conflict coaching

  • mediation

BCW recognizes that conflict can rob you of your bravery and voice.  Conflict coaching provides a steady partner working  with you on an individual strategy, after assessing your conflict worldview, conflict  style, and your conflict trigger points.

BCW also offers an independent and neutral facilitator who will safely guide groups in conflict  through a facilitated process.  The process---based on an  8-stage  model of mediation--- includes phases for client statements, goal setting, negotiations, private meetings, and settlement preparation.

Organizational Change

If you are challenged by

  • indifference, uncertainty, resistance

  • sudden growth and change, anxiety

BCW offers

  • change consultation

  • meeting facilitation

  • data gathering and assessment

  • data reporting and feedback

BCW  understands the difficulties of transitions and that moving from past to future involves navigating an often awkward present.   

BCW partners with you to establish neutral landings in your transitions.

Contact BCW for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation.