Côn Sơn: Past, Present, Future


How It All Started:

Brave Change Works, LLC (BCW), came to being as an epiphany on a small island in a visit to Việt Nam in November 2017.

Côn Sơn, the largest island in the archipelago of Côn Đảo, is located off the Southeastern coast of Việt Nam. It was the site of prisons set up by the French to imprison and torture dissidents during the French colonial period. Later, the South Vietnamese government would imprison Việt Cộng members here in Việt Nam’s own civil war. Today, the prisons have become monuments to the past visited by tourists. The island now boasts a 5-star luxury hotel frequented by American celebrities. Local island inhabitants live in the present harvesting seafood to sell to markets on mainland Việt Nam. Their outlook is decidedly future-focused. Côn Sơn is the embodiment of conflict and change and the redemptive power of transformation. And the inspiration for BCW.

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