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Photo Credit: Jennifer Leahy

Vinh founded Brave Change Works, LLC, in 2018 to bring together third-party facilitation (mediation) and data gathering and collaboration (organization development) to help people work through conflict and change.

He is a mediator and organization development consultant. As an impartial facilitator, he mediates workplace and community conflicts between individuals. As an external consultant, he brings tools such as strategic questions and data gathering to organizational clients.

Vinh mediates with Seattle’s four dispute resolutions organizations: 

  • City of Seattle Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

  • King County Office of
    Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Seattle Federal Executive Board

  • The Dispute Resolution Center of King County (DRC of King County)

Additionally, he has worked at the

  • Seattle Office for Civil Rights

  • Merrill Lynch

  • Peace Corps

At the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, he interviewed people and evaluated claims of civil rights discrimination and recommended inquiries for full investigations.

At Merrill Lynch, he recruited talented professionals to work in the competitive investment banking industry.

In the Peace Corps, Vinh lived and worked in a small village worked to reduce malaria and malnutrition. This was his first taste of system change.

He graduated with a Master of Science from the New School: Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment (Human Resources Management).

He completed the Certificate Program in Organization Development through the NTL Institute.

He is a member of the King County Bar Association (Alternative Dispute Resolution Section) , OD Network, and OD Alumni Hub (NTL).

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